Houston Lawyer, Jack Carroll, goes over realities concerning DWIYou thought it can never occur to you, however all of a sudden you find yourself in a scenario that you did not anticipate. What do you do? Contact Texas drunk driving defense lawyers Jack Carroll or Don Becker to protect your rights! The Texas Department of Electric motor Vehicles cou… Read More

The person accused in the fatal shooting of the Virginia State Police Unique agent will have to bear a psychological well being evaluation.Commonwealth’s Attorney Ed Stein stated the case “quite simply could have been 7 counts of vehicular manslaughter. It was touch and go For a lot of of such victims.”A man serving a four-12 months sentence … Read More

Unfortunately, more than a quarter of adults in Wisconsin acknowledge they have driven under the influence of alcohol. This is a larger percentage than any other state at the U.S. Wisconsin has gotten a lot of heat over the past few years for not doing enough to stop drunk driving, including patrol authorities and legal/criminal enforcement. Back a… Read More

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